Santiago Travel began as a small family business venture in 1993, Jaime Pardo, owner and founder, had a couple of disused vehicles and together with his nephew began to announce them in the newspaper for leasing. Noticing the high demand for the vehicles, they saw a fruitful business in the transfer of people. This is how what is now known as Santiago Travel S.A. began.

Our company has extensive experience in high level executive transport. Since its inception the safety and quality that our customers are given, have been factors that became our service badges. We have worked for more than 20 years in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this currently positioned us as the official suppliers of the ministry, where we have served presidents and representatives of America, Asia and Europe, royalty and visiting country officials.

Our services have been praised by important clients of the political, diplomatic, business and artistic worlds in Chile and abroad, who have trusted our company.

Santiago Travel

Santiago Travel


We seek to provide safety, quality and comfort in the high level private transport service. We adapt to the needs of our customers, through a modern fleet of vehicles and professional drivers.

Santiago Travel


Santiago Travel aims to lead the private transport market, in the diplomatic, corporate and executive segments in Chile and Latin America.

Santiago Travel


At Santiago Travel we are always ready to serve our customers with motivation, cordiality, empathy, responsibility and commitment to people and the environment.

Our Team

Santiago Travel
  • Jaime Pardo Contreras
  • Civil Engineer
  • General Manager

  • Santiago Travel
  • Alejandra Taj Yáñez
  • Ing. in International Trade
  • Operations Manager

  • Santiago Travel
  • Carlos Pardo Suazo
  • Ing. Commercial
  • Commercial Manager

  • Santiago Travel
  • Diana Zuñiga Cardona
  • Accountant Auditor
  • Finance Manager

  • Santiago Travel
  • Moisés Guzmán Suazo
  • Ing. Civil Industrial
  • Project Manager

  • Santiago Travel
  • Alexandra Guzmán Suazo
  • Sociologist
  • Director of Human Resources